Our team

In 2013, it was just a hobby project when Rogier and Martijn started the Dutch website “klimtijd.nl”. In 2020, their project was renamed to climbfinder.com to reflect the international character, and Leon and Henrico joined the team. By now, the website is available in multiple languages and contains information about climbs all over Europe.

Martijn, Henrico, Rogier & Leon
Martijn, Henrico, Rogier & Leon

We have built climbfinder.com to share our mutual love and knowledge about Alpine cycling cols, typical Belgium walls, and all other types of climbs. Our mission is for people to discover new climbs and routes using climbfinder: We want climbfinder.com to be the key to unlock the many hidden gems that deserve to be climbed!

Rogier (editor & photography)

Rogier lives in the French Alps and in his vocabulary anything with less than 10 kilometers of climbing doesn’t deserve the label “climb”. Climbing with Rogier means you have to listen to all kinds of nonsense while in the meantime you’re desperately gasping for breath.

Martijn (technology)

Martijn lives in the Netherlands and has a preference for shorter climbs in the Netherlands and Belgium. If his legs were as strong as his stories, we would be dealing with the new Eddy Merckx.

Henrico (editor)

Every climb in the Netherlands (as far as there are any) is known by Henrico, but in his dreams he is cycling up majestic cols starting from subtropical beaches. His actual cycling achievements are comparable to his humor: inimitable. So out of bounds, we've just decided to laugh about it.

Leon (climbs & cycling route artist)

Even though Leon also lives in the Netherlands, he prefers to cycle in Belgium. His biggest annoyance? A no entrance sign at the bottom of an obscure and steep goat path. Mention any name of any cobblestone climb in his presence, and you have a full evening worth of entertainment.

Questions? Collaborate? Drop us a line at info@climbfinder.com.