Privacy & Content Policy

How we deal with your privacy & rules for sharing your content on climbfinder.

Content Policy

Registered users can share content (including comments, reviews, photos & videos) on climbfinder, but rules apply to this. By using our services, you agree to and are bound by these rules. If you do not agree to these rules, you may not use our services.

General rules

  • Show respect for others;
  • Swearing, racist and sexist comments will not be tolerated;
  • Posting under different names (accounts) is not allowed;
  • Placing surveys is not allowed;
  • Pornographic/offensive/discriminatory/illegal material is strictly prohibited.

Copyright & Responsibility

  • The user guarantees that he/she is authorized to publish the posted content and that he/she has obtained any necessary permissions from third parties for the publication of this information;
  • By adding content, the user gives climbfinder permission to use, edit or process it free of charge in diverse online and offline projects in which climbfinder is directly involved;
  • We do not take any responsibility for the correctness, (in)completeness or legal admissibility of posted content by users. Every registered user is legally responsible for his/her posted content!

Links and advertising

Links to other websites are allowed, but:

  • without context of the discussion we will remove it immediately;
  • don't link to your own website;
  • we will remove the same link repeatedly.

We don't want advertising for your website, apartment, service, product or company:

  • Even if there is little suspicion, we will remove the content posted;
  • Our website is not intended for companies. Companies that do post content will receive an invoice of 500 euros per message immediately. Do you still want to get your message across as a company? Then do not hesitate to contact us.


  • Always respond on-topic. We reserve the right to remove off-topic comments;
  • Even if the subject has come up before, always be helpful or don't answer;
  • Nobody is waiting for smart comments, inappropriate jokes and nonsensical reactions;


  • Breaking the rules may result in you being blocked. The first time you will be blocked for a week. If you break the rules again - or very seriously the first time - you will be blocked permanently;
  • Posted content can always be changed or deleted by the moderators.


Privacy Policy

Which personal data do we process?

We only process a very limited amount of personal data:

  • Email addresses of subscribers to our digital newsletters.
  • E-mail addresses of registered users of our website.
  • IP addresses of registered users of our website.

To protect the privacy of our users, we have made the following choices:

  • With the help of Google Analytics we measure the visitor flows, traffic sources and page views of our website. Google uses cookies for this. We have concluded a data processor agreement with Google, which states that Google only acts as processor when processing the data of website visitors. We only measure the use of our website based on anonymous data. So no full IP addresses are used. Data sharing is disabled. No other Google services are used in combination with Google Analytics cookies.
  • We do not use banner (systems) and therefore do not place tracking cookies to track your surfing behavior.
  • We only use cookies for functional purposes (log-in).

Why do we process personal data?

Email addresses

In order to log in to our website, we ask you for your email address. Logging in is not required to visit or use our website, but it is necessary if you want to be able to share content. With your permission, we store your email address, in combination with an encrypted version of the password you have chosen, in our database. We need this email address, from you as a registered user, to:

  • Enable secure login;
  • Send you a new password when you can no longer log in;
  • Contact you in case of incidents.

E-mail addresses of visitors to our website who register for one or more of our digital newsletters are stored with our partner MailChimp. A data processor agreement has been concluded with MailChimp. We only save your email address for sending the digital newsletter for which you have subscribed.

IP addresses

When a registered user posts a message on the community section of our website, we store the IP address from which the message was posted. Storing these IP addresses is necessary to:

  • Detect user abuse;
  • Block users;
  • Counteract spam on our website by users.

What are the rights of visitors and users?

  • Registered users can change their email address on our website.
  • Subscribers to the digital newsletter can completely remove their email address from our newsletters database by unsubscribing via the 'unsubscribe' link at the bottom of each newsletter.
  • Visitors and registered users of our website who want to know exactly what data we have stored about them can easily request this information by sending an e-mail to [] ( .
  • Registered users can delete their account by sending an email to [] ( The user's email address will then be permanently removed from our database. Upon request, all messages posted by the user that contain privacy-sensitive information will also be deleted.

How secure are personal data kept?

  • All personal data is stored in a secure database that only a very limited number of employees have access to. This database can only be accessed via a secure connection.
  • Every week we make a backup of the data that is placed on a separate secure server that only one of our employees has access to. These backups are automatically deleted after a year.

How long are personal data kept?

Both email addresses and IP addresses are kept until an account is deleted at the request of the registered user.

Which cookies are used exactly?

To make the best use of this website, your browser must accept our cookies. These cookies do not contain any personal information. Cookies are only placed to use all the functions that our website offers. For example, to make it easier for you to log on to our website and to remember your settings and preferences. We do not store any personal information in these cookies.

This website uses Google Analytics to collect statistics. Google Analytics also places a cookie on your computer. The purpose of this cookie is to give us a clear picture of visitor flows, traffic sources and page views, among other things. We have concluded a processor agreement with Google, which states that Google only acts as processor when processing the data of website visitors. We only measure the use of our website based on anonymous data. So no full IP addresses are used. Data sharing is disabled. No other Google services are used in combination with Google Analytics cookies.

We use the services of affiliate marketing companies such as Tradetracker, Daisycon and Affilinet to promote partners through performance-based advertising. Performance based advertising is a fair form of advertising because an advertiser only pays for actual and measurable results. In order to perform this service, Tradetracker, Daisycon and Affilinet use so-called affiliate cookies and matching data, which are only applied when you click on a link to one of our partners (for example a travel organization or a shop). With these cookies, a match can be made between the transaction at the advertiser and this website. As a result, Tradetracker, Daisycon and Affilinet know that this website must receive a fee. When this fee is registered, this website will have access to basic and anonymous transaction data. We ensure that stored data is adequately secured and comply with applicable privacy guidelines and legislation. We have declared this to Tradetracker, Daisycon and Affilinet by accepting the General Publisher Conditions. The use of affiliate cookies and the storage of anonymous transaction data does not put the privacy of the visitor of this website at risk. According to the GDPR, permission is therefore not required. With regard to data processing under the GDPR, we rely on the grounds of legitimate interest. However, we must inform our visitors about the use.